A penny to reduce climate pollution is a positive step we can all take.

Air pollution makes health care more expensive for all of us.

Clean fuels reduce carbon emissions that contribute to forest fires.

“California is terminating climate pollution with the clean fuel standard that also powers our economy by creating thousands of new good-paying jobs.”

A Penny at the Pump to Reduce Climate Pollution

We all want to keep climate change from accelerating. In Washington, using cleaner transportation fuels will make a meaningful difference.

Greenhouse gasses from cars, trucks, and airplanes produce more climate pollution in Washington than any other part of our economy.

By using greener gas, you help reduce air pollution that causes more intense forest fires and poisons Puget Sound’s marine life.

Cleaner fuel standards work. Our neighbors in California, Oregon, and British Columbia have low carbon fuel standards, and it’s helped them reduce climate pollution while creating new jobs.