Clean fuels made from Washington, in Washington and for Washington

Yesterday,  Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC, (NWAB), a renewable energy development company, announced it had secured $600 million in funding to develop a renewable fuels production facility in Grays Harbor.

The company will invest a total of $1.6 billion in the plant, which will produce 60 million gallons of low carbon jet fuel made from waste biomass sourced in Washington. Delta Airlines has already agreed to a 10-year purchase agreement. The plant will create 800 construction and skilled trade jobs over a 3-year period; an additional 75 jobs to “feed” the refinery with supplies of woody biomass, including material handling, trucking, forestry, barge, and logistics; and approximately 125 refinery operators and associated crafts to operate the plant. These local, family-wage jobs can’t be outsourced.

This is a perfect example of the job creation and economic benefits of biofuel production facilities if Washington’s legislature passes HB 1091, the Clean Fuel Standard. Based on the experiences of California and Oregon, which already have clean fuels programs in place, a standard will unleash a torrent of additional investment in similar projects in Washington, creating thousands of jobs and bringing billions in investment.

In the words of Chris Whitworth of NWAB: “We’d like nothing more than for our employees, their families and the whole community to be able to put fuel in their cars and trucks that were made from Washington, in Washington, and for Washington.”

We couldn’t agree more. Welcome to Washington, Chris, and the team. We’re working hard to keep your new fuel here in our state.