California Clean Fuel Success Story

“California is terminating climate pollution with the clean fuel standard that also powers our economy by creating thousands of new good-paying jobs.”

California launched its clean fuel standard in 2011, and it’s been wildly successful. See for yourself.

Clean Fuel Standards

Clean Fuel Standards are a successful, time-tested policy adopted by our neighbors to the north and south as a way to reduce gas emissions.

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Goal: Reduce the carbon intensity of fuels by at least 20% by 2030.

For a penny at the pump, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard has been responsible for:


Goal: Reduce the carbon intensity of gasoline and diesel by 10% by 2025

A Penny At The Pump Has Benefitted Oregonians

  • Over the first four years of the program greenhouse gas pollution dropped by 3.6 million tons.
  • $124 million in health care savings
  • 6.1 million gallons of methane gas from manure has been captured and convereted into renewable natural gas
  • Zero importation of foreign oil for transportation fuels
  • 14 million gallons of diesel replaced by light duty vehicles in 2019