California Clean Fuel Success Story

“California is terminating climate pollution with the clean fuel standard that also powers our economy by creating thousands of new good-paying jobs.”

California launched its clean fuel standard in 2011, and it’s been wildly successful. See for yourself.

Since instituting a clean fuel standard in 2011, California's economy has outperformed other states in the region and the nation.

The clean fuel standard has helped California achieve its goal of reducing transportation fuels' carbon intensity by 20% by 2035.

Thanks to the clean fuel standard in California, nearly 17 billion barrels worth of oil have remained in the ground.

Even with the nation's highest economic growth, California's greenhouse gas emissions grew only 4% compared to Washington's 14% growth in emissions.

Since California adopted a clean fuel standard in 2011, consumer gas prices have dropped 40¢ per gallon.

Thanks to a growing market for clean fuels in California, renewable diesel from food, farm, and forest waste is now cheaper than fossil fuel diesel pumped from below ground.